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We live in rural Leicestershire and spend much of our spare time out and about watching and photographing local wildlife, in particular birds.

Photography is a passion and having gained early inspiration from other photographers sites we decided, some time ago, to find a suitable forum to share our images. Starting with a Flickr account we have since progressed to our own web-site, this is the second generation of our site and represents a significant improvement in both appearance and functionality. As was the case with the original platform all uploads are driven from Adobe Lightroom which we use for basic editing and as an archival database.

Photographic interests are not limited to wildlife but also include travel, landscape, panoramic, architecture, macro, HDR and aircraft. These subjects will all be represented in the galleries as the site develops. The recent inclusion of High Definition Video on some DSLR's has also sparked an interest in video, again clips will be included as the site develops. Quite often we find that what would otherwise be a run of the mill shot and probably discarded offers an opportunity for an interesting or amusing video clip.